Time: 17:48  |  Date: Jun 21, 2024
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Child Care

Childcare centres are usually the first home away from home. We understand that the process of deciding to send your child to day care can be somewhat stressful. At Newark, we aim to provide a smooth transition for the children whilst not forgetting the emotional wellbeing of the parents and primary caregivers.


Mixing with their peers helps children develop social skills, including sharing, turn taking and tolerance. We provide age appropriate activities and a wide range of toys suitable for that age as well as giving them the opportunity to take part in singing, dancing and storytelling activities. We ensure that the types of toys encourage children’s development and stimulate creative and imaginative play.


We provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and are well known for our nurturing environment. We offer flexibility yet also clearly established regulations, and a strict sick-child policy. Our structured routine includes plenty of time for physical activity, quiet time, group time, individual activities, meals, snack and free time. Food should be nutritious – no packets or chocolates. This is to encourage and promote healthy eating habits.


Trained, qualified staff are also continuously being trained to update their knowledge and skills and are also trained in First Aid. Carers are responsible, enthusiastic and well prepared. We discuss your requirements in regards to sleep, discipline, feeding and other care issues so as to work hand in hand with your philosophies. We ensure that the child/adult ratio is small and good to encourage interaction and development. We use a key worker approach which means that although the children will interact with a number of adults, they will have one person who will monitor their wellbeing and development.


We ensure that the premises are safe and clean at all times. Toys and equipment (indoor and outdoor) are regularly checked and upgraded.


We firmly believe that communication between the childcare centre and home is crucial. This is done through the communication diary. Although parents and carers will have the opportunity to talk daily, there might be thoughts and ideas that crop up at odd times, which may be easily recorded in the diary. This diary is also used to monitor and record any patters of feeding, toileting or other areas that are of value to you parents.