Time: 21:13  |  Date: Jul 18, 2024
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At Newark Nursery and Kindergarten, we ensure that students are made to feel secure in their environment.

The close and frequent contact with various members of staff from an early age encourages self-confidence and independence, and enhances the community ethos of the school. Every child is known individually and regarded as an integral part.

All members of the staff are responsible for ensuring students strive to achieve their full potential and behave in a manner which is a credit to themselves, their parents and the school. The very evident and caring attitude towards all our students creates a family atmosphere.

This is a major factor in the school’s success. All classes are educated for a large proportion of the time by a key worker, giving students a sense of identity and security, knowing they ‘belong’ to one adult who is special to them.

Parents are assured that their child will be loved and looked after whilst benefiting from the same traditions and values of home, within a routine still representing happy security.