Time: 20:00  |  Date: Jul 18, 2024
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School Regulations

School Visits
Please call 21313121 or 9944 1862 for an appointment.

Sickness Policy
Children with fever, gastric conditions or suspicion of other illnesses (such as measles) will Not be allowed to attend school. Children falling sick on the day will have to be collected from school. If the child cannot return home during the day, s/he will be kept in our resting area not in contact with other children.

Depending on the condition, a medical certificate is required to certify that the child is fit to return to school.

Unwell children may be sent home at the school’s discretion.

School Uniform
Winter tracksuit with Velcro running shoes.
Summer t shirt and shorts with Velcro running shoes
No sandals allowed.

Summer school – no uniform required. No flip flops allowed.
Uniform and cases are to be bought from school.
No Jewelry allowed.
Long hair is to be pulled up.
Hair is to be kept clean and tidy.


The Nursery opens from 07.00am - 18.00pm

The Kindergarten opens from 08.45am - 12.30pm (Since the school is open from 07.00am, parents may choose to leave their children with our staff at the hourly rate. Parents are to collect their children by 13.00pm. After 13.00, parents will be charged at an hourly rate).


Please contact School for details.


There will be various school outings during the year, and you will be informed accordingly. Please take note of the outing slip given to the children, prior to any outing. This will have all the information about each particular outing, regarding payment, uniform and time. Please make sure that any money requested or invoiced by the school should be handed in an envelope, with the child's name, amount enclosed and for what the payment is, written on it. This makes it easier for everyone all around.